The Titanic Historical Society

The Titanic Historical Society, Inc. (THS) is the world's largest Titanic organization.

The Society does not represent one nation but all countries and was the first to form for the purpose of preserving the history of RMS Titanic and the White Star Line.

The Society is the authority and source for the Titanic and the White Star Line and for four decades has maintained that goal. Its main field of endeavor is The Titanic Commutator, the Society's official journal, insuring a permanent record of information.

The THS Collection is a treasury of Titanic and White Star Line memorabilia at the Titanic Museum; a new building is being planned.

The Society holds annual conventions at different locations with outstanding programmes that include Titanic survivors and travel experiences that bring Titanic history to life.

The THS's unparalleled reputation had a modest beginning on 7 July 1963 in Indian Orchard, Massachusetts at the home of Edward S. Kamuda with a handful of people, and has grown to a world wide organization of several thousand and known for its original research.

The Society is non-profit and volunteer-supported by its officers and members who donate their time and talents as an avocation. The Titanic Historical Society's track record of thirty-eight years of solid accomplishments has no comparison.

Not only does the THS publish a superb maritime journal, has a significant museum collection, members and officers with authoritative knowledge and the Society's unique conventions confirm it is the premier organization for information, preservation, education and travel experiences that insure the history of the Titanic and the White Star Line will endure.

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