Olympic (left) entering drydock,
Titanic (right) nearly finished fitting out.
- Harley Crossley
Olympic later years.
Circa 1931
- Harley Crossley
A calm twilight evening in Southampton
as Titanic is ready to sail.
- Harley Crossley
Titanic underway full steam ahead.
- Harley Crossley
Britannic in full view bow. Britannic never had the chance
to be an ocean liner. She was a hospital ship in WW1.
- Harley Crossley

The Titanic Historical Society, Inc.

Welcome! The Titanic Historical Society, Inc. (THS), established in 1963, is the premier source for Titanic and White Star Line information. THS is the original and largest Titanic society in the world. Since 1963, our mission of preserving the great ship’s history can be seen in our outstanding publications, Titanic Museum and annual themed events. Our experienced and knowledgeable officers and members include maritime historians, authors, artists, etc. who have been consultants and/or actively worked on numerous Robert Ballard (Nat Geo) and James Cameron (Fox/Discovery) projects, not to mention History Channel investigations et al., the THS has already proved itself a worthy source of qualified researchers. In addition, the THS has one of the largest available Titanic/White Star related photographic archives in the world. People of all ages and all countries who love the ship and her story are invited to join THS as members and receive the incomparable digital Titanic Commutator. The Titanic Museum’s superb collection in Indian Orchard, Massachusetts, was the first permanent exhibition of rare Titanic artifacts and documents donated by survivors. Become a member, tour our Museum and visit our Museum Shop online or in person. Enter curious, leave inspired.

Olympic Titanic Britannic book

Olympic Titanic Britannic

Retail: $35.00

THS discount: $32.99

List #OTB1022

Looking for a concise, easy to read book that tells the story of these three ships? Look no further – Olympic Titanic Britannic is it!

This outstanding book tells story of these extraordinary ships starting with their conception, construction and modification following three different careers. Besides the technical details of these magnificent ships is the human story, the lives lost aboard Titanic and Britannic, the  designers, engineers, ship owners and crew who believed a ship could be unsinkable. The Olympic Class liners were conceived as the largest, grandest ships ever. Of the three built, the first lost the record as the largest because she was beaten by her new sister, and the third was even bigger. The class was meant to secure the White Star Line’s reputation as the finest shipping company on the North Atlantic. However, the loss of Titanic and Britannic in their first year of service, guaranteed White Star’s infamy.

OLYMPIC TITANIC BRITANNIC is embellished with rare photographs, new computer-generated recreations of the ships and unique wreck images. Best of all, Simon Mills offers access to Harland & Wolff’s specification book for the Olympic Class including for the first time being made widely available, original blueprints and large fold-out technical drawings.

Hardcover 272 pages

THS Founder:
Ed Kamuda

"Here's the man who made it all possible." ...James Cameron on the Titanic set, Rosarito Beach, Mexico, 1997 introducing Ed Kamuda to the cast and crew.

If it weren’t for Edward Kamuda, much of the information we have today on Titanic wouldn’t exist; it would have been lost through time and neglect which, unfortunately, happens too frequently because many people do not value history. A Titanic survivor’s death and a movie in the family’s theater was the catalyst that began a life’s work of preserving the ship’s history.

The White Star Line - An Illustrated History

The White Star Line
An Illustrated History
1869 – 1934


If you are looking for a concise, accurate account on the White Star Line, this book is for you. A big, handsome, hardcover beauty published by the Titanic Historical Society is chock full of glorious color illustrations. Hundreds of rare images from the author’s collection, many published for the first time, are sharp, visually striking and photographed in their natural color.

If you use Amazon, this book is currently priced at $97.26 (used / good condition)!

Purchase NEW online at the Titanic Historical Society Museum Store and pay Only $40.00!

This book is a fantastic resource with a wealth of information and showing loads of White Star collectibles as examples.

Exclusive to the THS Titanic Museum Store

The Definitive Book on the other Titanic Movies

Cameron’s “Titanic” is in a class by itself, many fine books have been published about it.

Simon Mills’“The Titanic in Pictures” is Everything Else Titanic.

1912 Silent film, Saved Fom the Titanic with Dorothy Gibson, 1929 Atlantic, 1943 In Nacht und Eis, 1953 Titanic, 1958 A Night to Remember, 1979 Raise the Titanic and more – including TV movies and documentaries.

Highly illustrated with vintage posters, stills, advertisements. Softcover.

Exclusive to the THS Titanic Museum Store.

Cat. List #TIP1118 $28.95

Titanic In Pictures

Titanic Historical Society, Inc.

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Indian Orchard, MA 01151-0053
Send Email (preferred): Info@TitanicHistoricalSociety.org
(413) 543 4770 (voice mail)

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THS’s 60th Anniversary Pin

Make an impressive statement celebrating Titanic Historical Society’s 60th Anniversary with this exquisitely detailed cloisonne or hard enameled pin.

Design has clearly separated colors so even the smallest details are captured. Jewelry like in appearance.

These custom pins are not only very collectible but beautiful.

1 ¾ inches long, Black nickel
two military clutch backs.

Cat. List #THS60 $14.95

THS’s 60th Anniversary Pin

White Star Line Brass Cuff Links

When the TITANIC movie was made, the production company asked if the company still had the original stamp tools that made the White Star buttons. They did. The Waterbury Button Company made the buttons that were wore by actors for the film. As part of the movie premiere, the company was asked to make cuff links to be given out at the after parties as gifts.

A number of these unique gift sets of White Star Line brass cuff links were just found in their warehouse.

Limited supply.

Don’t miss out.

Cat. List #WSLCL523 $69.95

White Star Luggage Stickers

These vintage advertising works of art decorated steamer trunks and travel bags on White Star liners bound for Southampton, Cherbourg, Liverpool, Queenstown/Cobh — ports across the broad Atlantic ocean.

Twenty-three professional grade life-size luggage stickers, available only though the Titanic Museum Store, include White Star Line, White Star/Dominion, and Cunard White Star facsimiles. These gorgeous illustrations brim with nostalgia for the White Star glory years of transatlantic travel.

Brilliantly colored, large, life-like, easy to peel off, mounted on convenient sized heavy-duty 8 1/2 x 11 sheets for handling. Strong peel and stick stickers don’t have to be permanent, they can be peeled off and removed if you wish to change them.

Ideal for creating realistic authenticity for Titanic Dinners, a wide variety of art projects, scrapbooking, print and poster decorations, collages, party favors, personalized stationery, giftwrap, even wall décor.

Your special event will be admired and truly unique with these White Star Luggage Stickers.

Exclusive to the THS Titanic Museum Store.

White Star Luggage Stickers

Brand New Newspaper Reprint

The New York American reprint with its incredibly dramatic headline and stories of the TITANIC DISASTER

COMPLETE 8-page full size newspaper reprint (23″ x 17″) of the sinking of the Titanic, published April 16, 1912.

8 full pages of first person stories and illustrations, partial list of the saved, map of Atlantic Ocean and sinking, two page spread of Titanic’s longitudinal section, icebergs,Titanic’s interiors, story by Jack Binns, wireless operator of White Star’s Republic and much more!

Available in the Titanic Museum Store.

Cat. List #NYA22022 – $12.95

Super Collection of Reproduction Titanic Newspapers

Titanic – The Actual Story As Reported In Original 1912 Newspapers

A compilation of historic newspaper pages from the collection of the Caren Archive.

100 full-size pages 11×22 of historic newspapers documenting Titanic, the greatest sea disaster.

Perfect for school projects!

Dramatic Headlines, Special Editions, Disaster Specials and Supplements from The Boston American, The Boston Evening Transcript, The Brooklyn Daily Eagle, The Denver Post, The Denver Times, The New York Herald, The New York American, Harper’s Weekly, The Daily Graphic, Red Wing Daily Republican, Bangor Daily Commercial, Newburyport Morning Herald, The Globe (New York).

A lot of important information!
Included are passenger lists, maps, passenger photos, list of survivors, list of the dead, many photos of Titanic, the rescue ship Carpathia, Titanic’s first class interiors, a Titanic deck plan, a full range of reporting and passenger accounts from the sinking to the aftermath.

An incredible amount of history in 100 pages.

Cat. List #2011TN – $32.95

The first and original story of the last
Olympic Class liner, Britannic.

Hostage to Fortune
by Simon Mills
Published by Wordsmith Publications, UK
ISBN 1-899493-03-04

Simon Mills’ authoritative book tells how Britannic was a masterpiece of marine technology but was never designed for the stage that sealed her fate.

Eclipsed at birth in life and at her passing by circumstances beyond her control, Britannic was very much a hostage to the events of her time. She would never escape from the shadow of her more notorious sister, Titanic, and the destiny of Great Britain’s largest ship of her era would be played out on an altogether different arena. Nevertheless her story has a powerful drama of its own and it is only now that previous forgotten personal papers and diaries shed a new light on the human story of the last Olympian.

Foreword by Dr. Robert Ballard. Includes a large fold-out rigging plan showing her original design. A longitudinal section deck plans A, B, C, D,E, F, G and tank top. 224 pages. Highly illustrated in color and black and white. Hardcover with dust jacket.

Cat. List #HTF1218 $49.95
(Special to THS $39.95)

Unique!! For Your Titanic Dinner Party

A copy of Titanic’s exclusive a la carte Restaurant menu of April 14, 1912

A faithful reproduction of an original Titanic a la carte Restaurant menu dated April 14, 1912.

Inside printed R.M.S. TITANIC April 14, 1912 in the same type/lettering as the original menu.

Inside is left blank for you to insert your personal dinner menu.

12 menus per package
Folded size 4 1/4 x 5 1/2

Cat. List #talcm22 – $29.95

A copy of Titanic’s exclusive a la carte Restaurant menu of April 14, 1912


Titanic, Olympic & Britannic Ceramic 16 oz. Cup

Titanic, Olympic & Britannic Ceramic 16 oz. Cup

Like the storied White Star Line ships, Titanic, Olympic and Britannic, this custom, full color 16 oz. cup, designed exclusively for the Titanic Historical Society holds a big cup of coffee!  Dishwasher and microwave safe. A strikingly big and beautiful cup!

Available in the Titanic Museum and the THS Museum Store

Cat. List #THSTBC $12.95

Two THS Keepsake Souvenir Mugs

Exclusive custom design is the perfect souvenir keepsake to remember your visit (or plan to see) the Titanic Museum in Indian Orchard, Massachusetts. Each mug has a strikingly beautiful full color panoramic image on sturdy white ceramic mugs that are microwave and dishwasher safe.

Titanic Historical Society’s Titanic Museum Mug’s double design is enhanced with royal blue inside.

Visit Oak Grove Cemetery in Springfield, Massachusetts and see the beautiful THS’s Titanic Centennial Memorial. The Titanic Centennial Memorial Mug has a forest green inside that matches the lush green lawn and garden surrounding the Memorial. Both THS multi-color panoramic picture mugs are truly unique.

Titanic Centennial Memorial Mug
Cat. List #TCMG116 $14.95
THS and Titanic Museum Mug
Cat. List #THSB114 $14.95
SAVE–BOTH Cat. List #THSBoth $25.00

Titanic Museum Keepsake Souvenir Mugs

A Titanic Historical Society Exclusive

A Set of Two Exquisitely Detailed Dutch Tiles:

Designed by Maritime Artist Stephen Card

Titanic on her maiden voyage 11 April 1912 and Olympic on her maiden trip 14 June 1911

  • Incredibly beautiful and custom designed for the THS by Maritime Artist Stephen Card.
  • These tiles are authentic originals, the real thing, not cheap knockoffs made in other countries.
  • The tiles were produced in The Netherlands by The Koninklijke Mosa.
  • The Delft Blue decoration was applied and baked into the glaze by T Delftsche Huys in Holland.
  • Each tile measures 6X6 inches.
  • Each tile comes in an attractive presentation box with a full size photo of the ship on its cover.
  • A clear lucite stand and numbered Certificate included.
  • Each tile has a unique border decoration depicting tiles on Titanic and Olympic, Oceanic Steam Navigation Co. logo, White Star burgee and early logo design.

Only 50 sets available
Available only in the THS Museum Store
Certificates are numbered. Sold in a set of two only.
Cat. List #TOT818. $119.95

THS Museum Store - homepage icon

Visit our online store to purchase artifacts, books, clothing, collectibles, deck plans, event registrations, jewelry, models, post cards, prints, reproductions and many other items. The Titanic Historical Society's Titanic Museum Store accepts VISA, MasterCard, American Express and Discover credit cards.

Commutator - homepage icon

Dedicated to excellence, THS’s publication The Titanic Commutator showcases an incredible collection of real stories from stark reality, inspiring classics, to fun that capture the imagination and appeal to a variety of ages and tastes. The ship, men and women––the famous and the unknown, movies, collectibles and pop culture keep the reader spellbound.


We succeed only through the support of people such as you. If you are like most of our members, you realize that the measure of our society and the true history of our civilization is found in the stories of famous events and more importantly in the accounts of ordinary people doing extraordinary things. We invite you to become a THS member.

The Titanic Historical Society's (THS) collection, one of its greatest strengths, is its collected works of rare Titanic survivor artifacts, one of the finest anywhere. Many were donated by the survivors themselves to THS’s founder and president, Edward S. Kamuda in the 1960s through the 80s, the organization’s early years.

The Official Journal of the THS

J. Arthur Rank’s promotional book for the 1958 film “A Night to Remember” is a key in the Titanic Historical Society’s history and The Titanic Commutator. Ed Kamuda wrote to all eighty-seven survivors listed in the promotional book (for US theater operators) and seventy-five responded. They were thrilled that someone was interested in their personal experiences a half century later. When he asked if they would write down their recollections, they were touched by the young man’s sincerity and many became lifelong friends. It was their written accounts that was the foundation of The Titanic Commutator (that would appear when the organization was formed).

On Sunday July 7, 1963, five young people (Ed Kamuda, Joe Carvalho, Frank Casilio, Bob Gibbons, John Eaton and Mike Ravetti) met at the Kamuda home in Indian Orchard, MA and formed the Titanic Enthusiasts of America (TEA) changed to Titanic Historical Society in 1975. The organization’s mission is preserving the history of RMS Titanic, Olympic, Britannic and the White Star Line. The glue that held the group together was, The Titanic Commutator, the quarterly journal Kamuda began still in continuous publication, now managed by his wife, Karen, who is also a shipping history buff.

In 1963 thirty of the remaining survivors became Honor Members. There were 41 Honor Members: Walter Lord, Wilton H. Oldham, Leslie Harrison, William McQuitty, Comdr. Joseph G. Boxhall, George T. Rowe, Gus Cohen, Edith Russell Cook, John Podesta, Leo J. Hyland, George Kemish, Laura Buzzell, Alfred Pugh, John B. Ryerson, Washington Dodge, Edith Haisman, Mrs. Jacques Futrelle, Fred Dent Ray, Amy McMicken, Wilfred D. Seward, Walter Williams, Ed Ryan, Rene Harris, Katherine Manning, Celiney A. Decker, Violet C. Jessop, Lawrence Beesley, Edwina Corrigan, Albert Caldwell, Sylvia Mercherle, Eva Hart, R. Norris Williams, Mrs. E. Darby, Reginald Burgess, Osgood Williams, Frederick Fleet, Mrs. Arthur H. Cook, Mrs. Frank Aks.

Kamuda filled Commutator pages with new or little-known facts about Titanic, riveting survivor accounts and other ocean liners. Members loved reading the original survivors’ experiences from the handwritten letters Kamuda possessed.

The journal was mailed to members worldwide, the information was new and is permanently recorded as Kamuda wanted. As time passed, well known authors on Titanic, shipping history, Harland & Wolff, the White Star Line, Titanic documentaries and films, maritime art and collectibles, etc. have and continue to contribute fascinating and original articles. The Titanic Commutator became digital in 2020. Select print back issues are available in the Titanic Museum Store.

THS Commutator No. 245, Spring 2nd Quarter, April To June 2024

The Titanic Commutator Issue 245

Spring, 2nd Quarter
Membership Year 2024

Einar Gervasius Karlsson–– A 3rd Class Titanic Survivor’s Odyssey

Cymric in Boston Shows Excellent Service Vintage Vignettes

The Last Evening in Titanic’s 1st Class Smoking Room

TITANIC: An Unpublished Autobiography––Extract (Chapter Ten) – The Sinking of the Titanic in 1912 and the Reputation of Mr. J. Bruce Ismay

Great Uncle George Rosenshine: 1st Class Titanic Passenger and His Postcards Recording His Travels

Great Uncle Georges Postcards

President Harding in Near Collision with Olympic Vintage Vignettes

THS Commutator Issue 244

The Titanic Commutator Issue 244

Winter, 1st Quarter
Membership Year 2024

Alexander Carlisle: Titanic's Designer

Always Expect the Unexpected

Chess on the RMS Olympic

Cretic Detained in Boston for Four Days - Vintage Vignettes

Red Jacket

Grift is Nothing New - Vintage Vignettes

A Steam Engineer’s Theory How Titanic Sank By Alan New

Titanic’s Only Completed Voyage By Edward Kamuda

The Titanic Commutator Issue 243

The Titanic Commutator Issue 243

Fall, 4th Quarter
Membership Year 2023

A Titanic Love Story: Henry Sutehall and Ruth Allcock

A “New Phileas Fogg” on Board Olympic-Vintage Vignettes

Titanic Survivor in Virginia

Oceanic (II) Sinks an Irish Steamer-Vintage Vignettes

Carrying Canadian Troops: Olympic as a First World War Troopship

Early Reports of Titanic Saved The First Reports of the Titanic Disaster on April 15, 1912

The Titanic Commutator Issue 242

The Titanic Commutator Issue 242

Summer, 3rd Quarter
Membership Year 2023

Views and Impressions from 55 Years of a THS Membership

A 56 Year THS Odyssey

“I’m shocked, shocked to find that gambling is going on here!”* Bruce Ismay clears up the matter-Vintage Vignettes

Recalling the Discovery of Titanic September 1, 1985

Thank You to My Many Friends in the THS

Thoughts and Reflections on the 60th Anniversary of the Titanic Historical Society