Titanic Menu From Third Class

The menu belonged to Thomas Theobald and his is one of the more poignant stories of the Titanic disaster. Theobald was travelling with Mr and Mrs Goldsmith and their nine year old son, Frank, also from Strood Kent sailing for a new life in Detroit Michigan. When the men were asked to wait while the women and childen got into the lifeboats Mr Goldsmith and Mr Theobald stayed back. Mr Theobald took off his wedding ring and gave it to Mrs Goldsmith who put it on her finger next to her own ring and requested If I don’t see you in New York will you see that my wife gets this? Mr Theobalds body was recovered and his personal effects including this menu were given to his family who later gave them to Frank Goldsmith who donated his collection to The Titanic Historical Society. Mr Goldsmiths autobiography Echoes in the Night recalls these events in detail.